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Working behind the scenes in our manufacturing plants around the world, Plant Technicians are vital to the success of our business at P&G. You’ll become part of a team that keeps production flowing to billions of consumers – that’s right, billions. As a technician, you’ll make sure that our household brand names maintain the high level of quality that consumers expect, while helping P&G achieve performance goals. Want to gain new skills to help run and maintain the latest production technology and equipment for the world’s biggest brands? We’re looking for team players who know how to take charge of business-related challenges and keep us running smoothly. Join us today.

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All technicians are hired at entry level and advance by demonstrating increasing levels of operating, maintenance and leadership skills. There is the opportunity to expand into electrical, quality assurance, safety and hygiene, and other areas of expertise.

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Roles in Product Supply


Product Supply Engineering

Project management will allow you to define, design, start-up and optimize the chemical processes, packaging systems and control systems to manufacture our products. These roles may be at a Technical Center or at one of our Manufacturing plants. 

Technical/ Process Engineer

In this role, you will be given your own equipment ownership area and be responsible for keeping the process or packing equipment running, as well as improving efficiency by driving changes in procedures, developing new standards, training operators to develop technical mastery and designing changes to eliminate breakdowns. 


Make, pack products and managing resources (materials, process, equipment, facilities, and human talents) to provide the best quality, best cost and best services of products to consumers.

Quality Assurance

Assure product quality to customer and consumer’s satisfaction by ensuring all supply chain activities are designed and performed at required standards (customer, consumer and government requirements).

Supply Network Operation

Manage material and information flow to ensure that our products are delivered to customers at the right quantity, right time and right place. Deliver supply chain integration through to customer’s shelf.


Source for equipment, materials and services to provide best value supply to P&G by developing capability and building relationship with the suppliers.



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