P&G Orientation Day


P&G Orientation Day is designed where students can meet with P&G leaders from all functions, learn from them & their experiences while enjoying our brand activities sponsored by BNBK (BanaBak). It is a 2 hours activity; starting with company presentation and continue with face to face interactions with functions and lots of brand activities besides surprise gifts.

P&G Plant Visit


We host successful and selected students from different universities in Gebze for a full-day Plant Experience. We aim to introduce P&G and Product Supply World to future engineers. You can find a chance to learn about manufacturing and plant dynamics with on the floor experience. Moreover, these visits include meetings with P&G Leaders to lev

Work @ Campus


Work @ Campus activity is designed to enable P&G employees' meet with students in their own campuses for all day long. Thru this event, students are having the opportunity to meet with P&G employees who are from different seniority/functions and ask their questions to learn more about P&G, it's Functions & People.

P&G Product Supply Challenge is an opportunity for you to unleash your potential to the fullest, show your creativity, and see the P&G way of doing business. It's a great competition and learning experience for you if you are planning to have your career at Product Supply! 



Ultimate Selling Game


The Ultimate Selling Game is a Case Competition where 3rd & 4th grade and master students join with their team of 4, including minimum 2 women, as the diversity is a critical enabler of P&G’s value creation.

The participants learn how to sell via trainings (Shopper Based Design, Persuasive Selling Format, Joint Business Plan and Shopper Insights) by P&G Multifunctional Sales Team, then sell their ideas on a specific case to the jury.

Student Projects


As P&G, we aim to provide support to university students in their graduation thesis thru our leaders from specific departments. In this context, we give one to one coaching & consultancy to project groups in our, Head Quarter or P&G Plant, within a specific time period in order to enable them to finalize their projects.

Lecture Attendance


We believe, attending lectures provides strong business understanding in the eyes of students, therefore, throughout the academic year, we try to attend some lectures @ campuses in order to bring business understanding and perspective in order to enable them to see and experience the practical side of their learning.