As of day 1, our interns become privileged members of P&G Intern Club. This is a big team that connects, supports each other and has FUN! What we expect from our interns is ‘day 1 responsibility’ on real business projects. We offer a highly comprehensive on-boarding program with strong corporate learning&development opportunities on diverse skills and functional  orientation sessions with business teams so that they are able to deliver their end results. Besides, each intern is supported by experienced coaches and peer buddies throughout their internship. Interns are regarded the future of our company and their passion, energy and vision is highly appreciated within the organization. Once, interns have a successful evalution at the end of their internship period, they become eligible for our full time job opportunities for the upcoming year. 

Now, it may be your turn jump-start your job experience with an internship at P&G and work side by side with some of the industry’s leading experts as you make valuable contributions to our family of brands. Please keep in mind that some of our best professionals even started right here as interns and continued to work their way throughout our business. For selection? You must be currently 3rd year Bachelor degree student or 1st year Master degree student.