Turn Your Passion Into a Real Experience with Product Supply Challenge!

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What is P&G Product Supply Challenge?

It is an unmissable opportunity to explore your potential, show your creativity, and find out if you were born for Product Supply world! In this case competition, you and your team will live a real experience: you’ll plan, produce, supply and, hopefully WIN!

Who Can Apply?

P&G Product Supply Challenge is for 3rd, 4th grade undergraduate or master’s degree students who are interested in Supply Chain and Manufacturing and those who haven’t attended this challenge before.


How Does It Work? 

1st Step: Take the Challenge!

  • Form up your team of three (members from diverse universities are accepted).
  • Complete the team registration on our career website, then you will receive an email and attached case study as your first mission.
  • Take your time to answer the questions with your team. Don’t forget, you can submit only once for your group.
  • Reply to us with your final answers latest by Oct 27th.
  • Don’t miss the deadline and make sure to answer all the questions.

At the end of this process, 45 teams will be selected to attend P&G Product Supply Challenge. Don't forget to check your e-mails regularly, your team could be the one!

2nd Step: Live a Real Product Supply Experience!

P&G Product Supply Challenge will be an opportunity for you to see the P&G way of product supply while having lots of fun. You will feel this real experience via:

  • Meeting and networking with P&G Product Supply Lead Team
  • Visiting our high-tech plant
  • Participating in a live case experience
  • Having fun and enjoying surprises!

During the plant visit, you will receive more details and data needed to finalize your case, then have a week to work on it before you submit your presentation. Please note that minimum 2 members of the group must attend the plant visit step.

Final Step: Become a Finalist!

5 teams will be selected as finalists. Finalists will have the chance to present their cases to the P&G Product Supply Lead Team. Top 3 teams will be selected by them!  Be prepared for the real-life business presentations!

What Do We Offer You?

Congratulations! You are the winner! Enjoy every moment! You’ve deserved it! 

The winner: Visiting the biggest Fairy Plant of Europe in London.

The first runner-up: Dinner with the Plant Lead Team. Here is your chance to ask questions, learn from their experience & get coaching.

The second runner-up: “Jobshadowing” for 1 day at P&G Turkey Plant. Be ready to live one day of a process engineer in manufacturing.