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Applications between:  

October 5th - October 30th

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What is P&G Product Supply Challenge?

P&G Product Supply Challenge is an opportunity for you to unleash your potential to the fullest,show your creativity, and see the P&G way of doing business. It's a great competition and learning experience for you if you are planning to have your career at Product Supply!



P&G Product Supply Challenge is for the 3rd, 4th grade undergraduate and master students who are interested in Product Supply.


 Are you in for this challenge? Just follow these steps to apply!

  • Form your group of three (team members from diverse universities accepted) 
  • Don’t forget that each student can be a member of only one team!
  • Identify your team leader for your group to communicate with us for the process!



1st Phase:  Take The Challenge:

    • After team submission, you will receive an email and attached case study:
    • Take your time to answer the questions with your team. Don’t forget, you can submit only once for your group.
    • Reply back to us with your final answers latest by Oct 30th
    • Don’t miss the deadline and make sure to answer all the questions.

At the end of the process, total of 45 teams will be selected to attend to P&G Product Supply Challenge. 

Don't forget to check your e-mails regularly, your team could be the one!

2nd Phase: Feel the P&G Product Supply Experience!

P&G Product Supply Challenge will be an opportunity for you to see the P&G way of product supply while having fun. You will feel the experience via:

    • Meeting with P&G Product Supply Lead Team
    • Visiting the Plant & witnessing the hi-tech production
    • Participating in a live case and jobshadowing experience
    • Getting coaching from P&G Managers
    • Having fun and enjoying surprises 

During the plant visit, you will receive the second phase of the case, then you will work with your team to finalize the second phase at the end of the day.

Please note that all members of the group should attend to the plant visit.

3rd Phase:  Become a Finalist!

5 teams will be selected as finalists. Finalists will have the chance to present their cases to the P&G Product Supply Lead Team. Top 3 teams will be selected by them! 

Be prepared for the real life business presentations!


Congratulations! You are the winner! Enjoy every moment! ☺ 

The Winning Team:

P&G Germany Plant Visit for three days. Germany is waiting for you  (The dates of the visit will be determined according to the schedules of the winning team) 

The Second Team:

Dinner with the Plant Lead Team. Here is your chance to ask questions, learn from their experience & get coaching  

The Third Team:

“Jobshadowing” for 1 day at P&G Turkey Plant. Be ready for a deep understanding of the P&G way of manufacturing